If you’re engaged and considering throwing an engagement party but don’t know where to start, look no further! I have all of the deets you need right here! I originally wrote this post for Hourglass Productions (the BEST and coolest wedding planners in Denver) and they were kind enough to let me share it all with you Honeys! Enjoy!

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Engagement Party Basics

First things first, what is an engagement party?

An engagement party is pretty much exactly as it sounds – a party to celebrate your engagement! After you get engaged, your friends and family will want to congratulate you, celebrate you, and of course, see that shiny new ring. Doing so is WAY better in person, which is why an engagement party comes in handy! And since all of your friends and family will be in one place, an engagement party also allows important people in your life the ability to meet before the wedding and wedding planning if they have not already.

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When do you have the party, and where?

We suggest having the party a few months after getting engaged, that way you have some time to plan it and invite everyone, but you’re not yet too busy planning the bigger, more important party (cough cough your WEDDING!). As for where to throw it, this is completely up to you and/or whoever is hosting the party for you. Here are a few places we suggest having the party:

  • Your house
  • A friend or family member’s house
  • A restaurant/bar (I love how Hourglass’s couple had their engagement party at Wynkoop Brewery)
  • A park
  • A hotel/AirBnB (as long as they ok parties)

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So, who throws it?

Traditionally (aka way back when) the parents of the bride hosted the first official celebration. However, these days, most couples throw the engagement party themselves (just remember that if you’re throwing the party, you’re putting in all of the $$$). Friends and family can of course plan and host, especially if they offered. If you’re considering asking a friend or family member to plan and host the engagement party, be conscious of the time and financial implications doing so may bring. Or, ask Hourglass to plan it! While planning an engagement party can be a fun experience, it can also be stressful coordinating so many people, places, and things. If you want help planning, they’d love to assist and put together a custom package for you and your LOVE! For more information, click HERE and let them do the planning!

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Who’s invited, and how are they invited?

I’m going to be totally honest, this is the trickiest part of throwing an engagement party. It used to be that you would only invite individuals to your engagement party if you’re also inviting them to your wedding. This is still more or less the case if YOU or your parents (aka the hosts of the wedding) are hosting the engagement party. However, if someone else is hosting the party, like a family friend, then it’s much more acceptable to invite anyone to your engagement party, even if they won’t be invited to your wedding. To avoid a sticky situation later, start working on your wedding guest list now and try to stick to it as much as possible to avoid hurt feelings. As for how your guests are invited, that is up to you and the type of party that’s being thrown. For low-key gatherings, a text, email, or Evite will do. For more formal settings, stick to more formal invitations.

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Engagement Party Themes

Does the engagement party theme need to match my wedding theme?

Here’s the short and sweet answer: Nope! No one will expect your engagement party colors and vibe to match those of your wedding. Besides, oftentimes when couples throw engagement parties, they are too early into the wedding planning process to even know what their wedding theme will be. So don’t fret!

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Engagement Party Ideas

There are endless possibilities for the type of engagement parties you can throw. You can throw them nearly anywhere, with any level of sophistication or creativity. I love how fun and unique this sweet couple’s Drunk in Love party idea was! For even more unique engagement party ideas, make sure to check out THIS Brides.com blog post. I love their ideas!!

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Thanks for reading, Honeys!