Today we’re covering two of my favorite wedding topics: floral design and saving monaaaay. Oh yeah.

I recently grabbed a latte with Keri, Owner of Bloom Buggy in Denver, CO and we talked all the secret money saving floral tips and tricks. Lucky for you, Keri gave me the ok to share them. She also gave me a bouquet of roses! I mean!!!


1. Know your wedding theme, floral budget, and floral vision

This may sound intimidating, but chances are you already know a lot of this. Scroll through your pins and IG saves to remind yourself of your wedding theme and floral vision (ya know -those pics that make you say ‘yep, that’s it!!!!’). Talk with your partner and make sure that you’re on the same page. Then, figure out your floral budget. This is different for everyone. If you haven’t calculated yours yet, make sure to grab our wedding budget calculator and find your overall wedding budget.

Prepare to spend about 5 – 10% of your overall budget on flowers. Aim lower if floral isn’t a priority (in your top 3) for you and your partner. Aim higher if it is. This breakdown by Brides is super helpful. Knowing all of this information before you start meeting with your florist is key to help them understand what you NEED and what flowers you can use (and which ones you can replace with similar, more budget friendly ones) as well as help you stay on track, stay focused, and minimize costs!

2. Buy your own candles and vases

Yep! You can do this and simply provide them for your florist so there’s only floral + labor fees (no rentals fees). Vintage, mismatched vases and glassware are SO in right now so why NOT do this. PLUS you can repurpose or sell them after your wedding.

And here’s another secret, using candles, votives, pretty vases, and other decor alongside your floral pieces allows you to use less flowers and reduce costs.

3. DIY (kinda)

Keri allows her clients the option to have a girls’ (or guys’!) night two or three nights before the wedding where she’ll come to you and hold a guided workshop to help you create terrariums, wearables, faux bouquets, etc.. How fun does that sound?! This cuts down labor costs and allows you and some special peeps to relax and create all the pretty things! We suggest grabbing your bridesmaids, all of your Aunties, and a few bottles of wine!

4. Reuse and relocate ceremony flowers for the reception

This one’s easy. Reuse bridal party bouquets on tables as center pieces, on bars for extra decoration, and around your reception venue. Reuse the bridal bouquet on sweetheart table or on the desert table. Often, your florist will stay through the ceremony to move ceremony flowers (garlands, etc.) to reception fire places, door ways, etc. If your florist isn’t sticking around through the ceremony, ask your planner or a family member if they are able to do this.

5. Skip some of the traditional personal flowers

Skip the wrist corsages and boutonnieres for family members, or at least only have them for immediate family. As Keri says, “this is a great trick to help avoid the drama that comes with aunts, uncles or cousins fighting over who should all get to have wearables”. There are other, more budget friendly ways to make everyone feel special (hint hint keep reading for an example).

6. Keep expensive flowers only in bride’s bouquet

“One of my number one recommendations is if a bride is set on having a higher end/specialty flower like a dahlia, peony or orchid, that it should only be used in her bouquet. This not only eliminates the cost of needing to buy more bunches of the more expensive flowers, but also really sets the bridal bouquet apart from the bridesmaids bouquets and other floral components.” Keri suggests.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the tip to mix expensive flowers with inexpensive flowers. But Keri’s spin on this is so good!

7. Don’t have your florist come onsite

Technically, if your flowers mainly consist of bouquets and wearables, you don’t need your florist to come onsite. Even if you have some ceremony and reception floral decor, you could designate a family member to put all of this up. This gets trickier with more detailed floral designs, but if you’re keeping things simple and truly trying to keep floral costs as low as you can, you shouldn’t rule this option out!

***If you do this, make sure your designated family member knows to reuse and relocate your ceremony flowers for the reception.

8. Faux flowers (I know I know, but this is good. Trust!!)

Keri mentions that you “shouldn’t discard the idea of faux flowers. Faux succulents actually look really good, and are perfect for making wreathes, terrariums, and hoop rings with. Plus, after the wedding you can give these pieces away to friends and family as gifts and forever memories of your special day.”

9. Only choose a few types of flowers

Flowers come in bunches, so, if you want one dahlia in your bouquet, you’re actually going to have to pay for twenty. Yikes! Sticking to a few flower types will really help here.

10. Shop local and in season

Talk with your florist – they’ll help you with this! The less your flowers have to travel to get to you, the less you will have to spend!


1. Consider the vases you use. Using a bottle neck vase = fewer stems = lower costs! Plus, the single stem look is SO in right now. It’s light and delicate yet still eye catching. We’re LIVING for this look right now!
2. Use no more than 2 to 3 bundles of greenery per table. This is the perfect amount and will leave no excess. No excess = lower costs!
3. Garden style roses and ranunculus are expensive, so consider other full, focal flowers like roses!
4. Choose one focal flower and use filler flowers for everything else.
6. Using berries and pods will get that pretty, mountain look at a budget!

Long story short, talk to your florist! They’re there to help YOU. Best of luck, Honeys!

And lastly, thank you for all of the tips, Keri!