Meet this week’s magical Real Wedding couple – Riley and Beau. If you’re looking for the dreamiest boho chic wedding, look no further. This couple’s wedding had it all. I’m talkin’ macramé, pretty flowers, and moody lighting. Oh yeah. But most importantly, Riley and Beau! Their love story is so sweet, I’m so lucky to get to share it with you all. So without further ado, meet lovely Riley and and her hubby, Beau!

Real Wedding Riley and Beau First Look Embrace

All Photo Credit: Made to be Mine

How Riley and Beau Met:

We met back in junior high. A friend and I kind of picked on Beau for being shy and dramatic. He moved away before high school to Washington, IL. After that, I didn’t really hear about him for years. After high school, almost 4 years later, we began running into each other due to mutual friends. As time went on, I had moved out to my own apartment and a few months later so did he. We ended up being neighbors and our meetings were much more frequent. We began hanging out and watching movies together. In August of 2013, we officially began dating!

Real Wedding Riley and Beau Holding Hands Real Wedding Riley and Beau Laughing

How Beau Proposed:

About 3 years ago on Thanksgiving, my brother and I convinced my dad to finally let us go through my late mother’s belongings. We knew she had left us a box with notes and special items to her. We are going through the box and dad pulls out the velvet bag with her favorite precious jewelry. Out comes my great grandmother’s wedding ring. The story is that my great grandfather owned a mercantile down in southern KY, and saved up for years to be able to purpose to my great grandmother. I called dibs and my brother agreed it should be mine. We asked my dad’s permission to use it as my engagement ring. He liked the idea but said I had to promise to keep it in the family.

Flash forward to February of this year (2018), we were so excited to finally have a Friday night off together. We talked all week about being able to have a date night. He pushed all week for me to pick where we went and what we did, which I usually make him decide. I wanted to go to a certain restaurant in East Peoria. We get there and the wait is over an hour, so we went to another close restaurant and their wait was 45 minutes. At this point we are both getting hangry. We finally find a restaurant that could get us in. We ate, caught each other up on our weeks, and had a nice time together. After we ate, Beau wanted to go to a bookstore. It was late now so we (he) settled for Target. After our Target run, we went home back to our two dogs. I was relaxing in my pajamas on my bed just happy to be home. Then, all of a sudden Beau comes in talking all this lovey stuff about how he wants to be with me forever and we were made for each other. He gets down on one knee and proposed. I kept saying I didn’t believe him and that he had to ask me again so I knew it wasn’t a joke. Of course, I said yes!

Real Wedding Riley and Beau Walking in Field Real Wedding Riley and Beau Sitting in Field

Wedding Day:

Our wedding day was August 4th, 2018. It was a warm, but breezy day. We planned the ceremony to start at 6pm in hopes to beat the heat. Our venue was out in the country of Mackinaw at the Red Barn. Getting myself ready for the wedding was easy. I didn’t have bridesmaids, I just had my brother as my man of honor and I was not worried about him getting ready. I slept in, then I drove to Morton, got my hair done, picked up sandwiches for the getting ready group. My sisters and momma Laurie, picked me up to get ready at this cute old house provided to us by the Red Barn. Laurie did my makeup, my sisters got ready in the same room. We were just having a good time laughing and dancing. Beau and his brother got ready in the next room over. When we were ready, the photographer took us away to do our first look. IT WAS AWESOME- I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A FIRST LOOK. You get to see each other and really appreciate the work you each did to show your love. Plus, it brings the focus of the whole day back onto each other. Since we didn’t have a huge bridal party, a lot of florists didn’t want to do our wedding. I found this cute shop on Etsy that made my bouquet, the boutonnieres for the groom and guys in the family, and corsages for all my lady family members. It ended up being super cute and colorful! It also gave all our family members a little keepsake from our big day.

Real Wedding Riley and Beau Standing at Alter Real Wedding Riley and Beau First Kiss Real Wedding Riley and Beau Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Day Continued:

We took all of our pre-wedding pictures and hid before the ceremony. Our ceremony was outside on a dock by this pond that overlooked the countryside. I had made this macrame hanging to use as our arbor and my dad made this cool V-shaped steel stand. Laurie brought a big basket of pretty white flowers to cover the bottom of the stand. We kept things simple. We had a string quartet playing as guests walked up and as the ceremony concluded. That was so cool. They learned a special song for us to exit with and it was seriously the cherry on top of our awesome sundae of a ceremony. Beau and I wrote the ceremony together and we were married by my brother in law. It was casual, sweet, and no doubt full of love. It was literally perfect. The ceremony in general was my absolute favorite part. The reception immediately followed at the Red Barn. It’s this beautiful barn that this couple owns out in Mackinaw, IL! They let us use their decorations, they helped set it up, and tear it down. We had a street taco bar for everyone to grab different fun Mexican dishes. We had fun cake flavors made by a dear family friend and cake genius. The cake was completely gone by the end of the night. The whole day was simple. We didn’t stress with a seating chart or plated food. We wanted to people to be comfortable and to enjoy their time celebrating. We ended the night with some fun photos in front of my car headlights!

Real Wedding Riley and Beau Silhouette of Bride at Reception Real Wedding Riley and Beau Reception Flowers Real Wedding Riley and Beau Taco Bar Sign Real Wedding Riley and Beau Reception Table Decor

Tips to Save

  • If possible, find a venue that has some decorations for you to use! You don’t really have to buy everything. 
  • Make (or borrow) as many of the decorations as you can and compare your supply costs.
  • Download a budget template off of Pinterest or The Knot! A lot of them calculate as you enter your amounts spent.
  • Do not feel obligated to invite any one! It is your day, pick the people you want to celebrate with. It is one of the few days you can be selfish.
  • Shop around for different meal ideas. You don’t have to spend $20+ a head to feed your family/friends! You don’t have to have a traditional meal to have a good meal!

Real Wedding Riley and Beau Cake Real Wedding Riley and Beau Reception Venue Real Wedding Riley and Beau Far Away Shot of Reception Venue


Cake: Cake Crumbs Limited

Photo: Made to be Mine

Flowers: Heart Felt Blooms

Venue: Red Barn | Mackinaw, IL

Real Wedding Riley and Beau Dancing at Night Part 1 Real Wedding Riley and Beau Dancing at Night Part 2

Wasn’t their day a total dream? I love Riley and Beau’s love story and wish them nothing but the best! If you want your special day featured too, click HERE.