Happy Friday, Honeys! Now that Honeysuckle is finally live (hooray!!), I will be sharing Real Wedding posts each and every Friday. I am SO excited! Of course I’m thrilled to finally finally finally get to share planning tips, budgeting information, and vendor interviews with you all, but if I’m being completely honest, I’m most excited to share these Real Wedding posts. With REAL weddings comes real advice, inspiration, and information from REAL couples! It really doesn’t get much better than that!

Today’s Real Wedding couple is Sio and Pedro. I’ve known Sio since I was nine, and she’s been with Pedro pretty much since the day we met! Isn’t that amazing?! Because of that I OBVIOUSLY had to share their picture perfect wedding with you all! So, without further ado, meet bride Sio and read all about her and Pedro’s unforgettable day!

Sio and Pedro in roses

All Photo Credit: Eden Bassett-Jones

How Sio and Pedro met:

Pedro and I met when I transferred to Smedburg middle school. I was late to class because of scheduling problems, and as I was walking to class I ran into him and he walked me the rest of the way. When we arrived, the teacher asked me to introduce myself, and years later I found out that that’s when my now husband told his friend he was going to marry me! He asked me out in 8th grade and I immediately said yes then ten minutes later I told him no because I didn’t really know him. We then became really good friends during 8th grade, and when 9th grade came around he asked me out again and I said no (again!) because we were too good of friends and I didn’t want to ruin what we had. That summer we were asked by one of our closest friends to be in her Quinceañera. What was even more amazing was that she paired Pedro and I as a couple for her Quince, along with three other pairs! We all became so close that summer. I knew it was perfect timing for me to tell him how I felt, and when I finally did he was happy (so happy in fact, that he broke up with the girl he was dating at the time!). He and I continued to stay friends and one day in class our friend Sidney said “STOP PLAYING PEDRO AND ASK SIO OUT!! AND SIO FINALLY SAY YES!!” We laughed, and sure enough on that day, October 20th, 2009, at 1:30 PM right before our 4th period class he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes!!! We have been together ever since. Can you believe it!!!

Pedro and groomsmen Sio and flower girl

Sio and Pedro first look

How Pedro Proposed:

I love this story because Pedro was so detailed in the way he proposed. It was Christmas Eve and he was headed home from work. He asked me if he could come over and I said yes. My whole family was already over to exchange gifts. Little did I know that they all knew he was going to propose! Once he arrived, we were all chatting, enjoying the evening, and opening presents. Pedro and I we were the last ones to exchange gifts. Next thing I know, he comes in with a HUGE box covered in red and silver glitter. It was for me!! And it was huge!!! I started to open it little by little and realized that there was another box inside the large box, and another box inside that box and so on. I think there were a total of twelve boxes! The last box was an iPhone case and I laughed, hoping he didn’t actually get me an iPhone. He replied to my confusion saying “No, you missed the gift. Maybe it fell into the other boxes”. I turned around looking through the boxes again, and then next thing I know, he calls me by my full name, Siomara, which he rarely does, and he was on one knee in front of my whole family on Christmas Eve asking if I would marry him!!! How crazy was that!!! Of course I said yes!

Sio and Pedro at Church Sio, Pedro, and parents

Sio and Pedro grand exit

Wedding Day:

We spent a year and nine months planning our wedding, and it ended up being everything we ever wanted! We got married in our Catholic Church and had our reception at the Falls Event Center in Roseville, CA (it’s so pretty and big!). Even better, the reception venue had indoor and outdoor areas, so we had our open bar outside near the waterfalls and hanging lights. It was beautiful! Our food was from Pipin’ Hot Smokers BBQ and it was BOMB. We spent a total of about $20,000, but we didn’t feel a big hit because we purchased things throughout the year and nine months and got help along the way. Best day ever!

My favorite part of the day was when I walked down and aisle and Pedro and I locked eyes. He was so happy that he started to tear up! He told me afterward that that I was breathtaking. I also loved going to In-N-Out after and getting to spend some time alone together before heading to the party!

Flowers Our love story Guest book

Tips to Save:

1. Ask family to help! We really didn’t set a budget because we got help from a lot of our family members. My Aunt gifted us the DJ and band, Pedro’s Godparents gifted us the church choir, and our parents helped pay for the food. All we really ended up paying for were the ceremony hall and the reception space.

2. Make your own decorations. My mom and I made all of the decorations for the church, and then hired a florist from the grocery store to assist us! It saved us on time and money.

3. Purchase in bulk from Amazon. I bought a lot of little details from Amazon, like table linens and decorations that I couldn’t make!

Mr and Mrs Cake



Reception Venue: The Falls Event Center

Photographer: Eden Bassett-Jones

Catering: Pipin’ Hot Smokers BBQ

Florist: Flora Fresh

Bartenders: Chilled Bartending

Sio and Pedro at In n Out

Eeep! After so many years together I’m so happy that Pedro and Sio finally had the wedding of their dreams. I love Sio and Pedro’s love story and wish them nothing but the best! If you want your special day featured too, click HERE.