Hi Honeys! Today I want to talk to you about food – one of my favorite topics! Food is a common love language, right? So it makes sense that it’s a critical part of your wedding day. Choosing what food and beverages to serve at your wedding can be tough, which is why I’m here to help you plan AND give you some offbeat catering ideas, too!

First things first, you’ll want to start considering your catering options about a year out and nail down your decision around the 9 to 11 months mark. (See what else you should be doing around this timeframe HERE.)

Here are some important questions to ask yourself:

1. What kind of food and drinks do I want to offer my guests?

– Appetizers
– Dinner
– Buffet(s)
– Dessert(s)
– Late night snackies
– Coffee
– Alcoholic beverages 😎
– Other

2. Does my venue have in-house catering?

If yes, your venue has in-house catering, that’s great! Will they be able to cover everything you want from the above list? Even the alcohol?

If no, your venue does not have in-house catering, here’s my next question: do you want to hire a caterer or do you want to bring your own food and drinks, instead? (And by YOU I mean friends, family, and other guests who you can delegate dishes to. This can be SUCH a fun way to bring everyone together and save big on $$$!). And if you would rather hire a caterer, here’s my tip for you: when looking for catering options, ask your venue, wedding planner, and other vendors for a list of their preferred caterers so you’re not going into this completely blind. Once you’ve chosen a few, set up meetings with them, arrange for tastings, and choose your favorite!

Offbeat catering - mac n cheese bar

Photo Credit: Shanna M. Photography

3. Besides catering, what other food and beverage vendors will I need to cover what I want from the above list?

You’ll most likely need to hire both a food catering company and a beverage catering company (alcohol is tricky and you need to make sure your party is, well, legal). I’ll get more into adult beverages in a later post, but today I want to chat about another fun vendor to consider – offbeat catering. Who am I talking about?

Offbeat catering - Arise Coffee Cart making coffee

Photo Credit: Shanna M. Photography

Offbeat Catering: Food and beverage carts

Having a food or beverage cart at your wedding is SUCH a fun and unique way to entertain guests and turn something ordinary into a complete experience.

A few considerations…

  • Your budget. It’s number one on this list for a reason! I get it, a food caterer + a beverage caterer + a truck/cart can easily = a LOT of money. In which case, this may not be a realistic option for you, and that’s ok! But if you really want a truck/cart (I mean who doesn’t, they’re so cute), then there are ways to make your budget #werk for you. Maybe you only need a beverage caterer + a food truck or you’re bringing all of your own food and drinks and just want a coffee cart at the end of the night. It’s YOUR wedding and you have the right to be creative (See Nikki & Trace’s wedding for a GREAT example). 🙂
  • The season. Are you getting married outdoors in the summer? A coffee cart during the ceremony isn’t a great idea (but it would still be fun for the evening!).
  • Type of food/drinks.You don’t want your caterers to overlap and serve the same things – that’s an easy peasy way to waste money.
  • Style. This one might seem silly but it’s important! The food cart is part of the bigger picture and you want it to match your wedding’s aesthetic. (It will be in photos – make sure it matches!)

Looking for some offbeat catering inspiration? I’d like to introduce to you two local Boulder, CO vendors who are budget friendly and SO fun.

Roam Cone

Offbeat catering - Roam cone

Photo Credit: Robert Unverzagt

Meet Emily Morris, the owner of Roam Cone! Emily launched Roam Cone 2.5 years ago after she bought a plane ticket to visit her best friend in New Zealand. The two took a road trip, trekked the South Island for a month, and fell in love with New Zealand ice cream. Roam Cone allows Emily to connect with her Colorado community through the joy of ice cream!

What is New Zealand ice cream you may be wondering? “New Zealand style ice cream is the harmony of vanilla ice cream blended on the spot with fresh fruit to achieve soft serve perfection,” says Emily. “New Zealand is famous for something called Real Fruit Ice Cream. I purchased my machine from New Zealand which makes Real Fruit Ice Cream by blending fruit and vanilla ice cream into a smooth-blend soft serve cone. The ratio of ice cream to fruit is about 60:40. Each guest can customize their flavor by choosing 1-2 of these fruits: raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, banana, kiwi, pineapple, mango, cherry.”

Offbeat catering: roam cone cherry ice cream

Photo Credit: Robert Unverzagt

“Couples should consider having Roam Cone at their wedding because it gives guests the chance to try something they’ve never had before! It’s perfect for couples planning a fun and unique wedding.”

Considering Roam Cone for your special day?? (I know I am!) Here’s some deets you need to know –

“Couples should start reaching out about 3 – 5 months in advance,” advises Emily. “We can work any weddings up to 130 miles away (from Boulder, CO), but we charge for extra mileage on anything past 30 miles away. We need access to one standard outlet, and we can stay as long as the couple would like. Seven flavors are available at one time, we use compostable bowls and spoons, and we have a vegan option, too!”

Learn more here! And don’t forget to follow Roam Cone on Instagram!

Offbeat catering - roam cone menu

Photo Credit: Robert Unverzagt

Arise Coffee Cart

Offbeat caterers - arise menu

Photo Credit: Shanna M. Photography

Meet Kelli Nielsen, the owner of Arise Coffee Cart! Arise Coffee Cart is a mobile coffee bar that pops up for special events in Colorado. We are committed to creating a fun/welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests! We come to you, locally and beyond. Arise launched January of 2018 and was inspired by an amazing human, June Haupts, that started a mobile coffee cart in Santa Barbara, CA called, ‘Welcome.’ Kelli wanted to create a platform to connect with others, something that would allow her to play but also challenge her day to day and gave her the freedom and time to tend to her needs as well.

“We create a fun and welcoming experience for you and your guests. A pick-me-up at a wedding helps everyone enjoy the day and provides all involved an energy boost to dance the night away!”

Offbeat caterers - Arise Coffee Cart

Photo Credit: Shanna M. Photography

Considering Arise Coffee Cart for your special day?? Here’s some deets you need to know –

“We’ve had couples book us anywhere from 3 months to 6 months out. We charge a base price based on amount of people/number of hours worked. See more here. We are very reasonable with our pricing – making it affordable for everyone,” says Kelli.

“We can make any drink iced, therefore we are not limited to a certain time of day. 🙂 As for alternative milks, we generally have whole, almond, and coconut milk unless requested otherwise. Everything is customizable as we want our clients to be happy with the service provided.”

Learn more here! And don’t forget to follow Arise Coffee Cart on Instagram!

That’s all about food and offbeat catering for now, Honeys! And as always, please leave a comment below if you found this helpful!