Hi Honeys! Here is the official Honeysuckle planning checklist for when you’re 9 – 11 months away from your special day. At 9 – 11 months you’ll be booking the majority of your vendors, but don’t panic! I am here to help! Grab a notebook, a pen, a cup of coffee, and let’s get started!

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First, let’s recap.

For information about everything that you need to have done up to this point, make sure to read THESE TWO posts –

Overall, by now you should have –

  • Announced your engagement
  • Decided if/when you want to take engagement photos
  • Decided if/when you want to throw an engagement party
  • Created a budget 
  • Chosen a wedding date and time
  • Booked your ceremony and reception venues
  • Started setting up appointments with potential vendors
  • Gotten your engagement ring appraised and insured
  • Made your guest list (it’s ok if this is still a work in progress)
  • Chosen your wedding party

PHEW. What a list! Take a second to pat yourself on the back for doing so much already! You got this!

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9 – 11 Months Before Your Wedding

Alright, onto the official Honeysuckle planning checklist for when you’re 9 – 11 months away from your special day. Here we go!

Book Your Vendors –

  • Planner (if you haven’t already)
    • Note* if this list is giving you anxiety, I highly suggest hiring a planner! They truly are your wedding planning bff!
  • Photographer (if you haven’t already)
    • With this, start working on a shot list (it doesn’t have to be finalized yet)
  • Videographer
    • Again, like for your photographer, start preparing a shot list
  • Dress
    • Ladies, order your dress (or jumpsuit, or whatever you’d like to wear)
    • Order shoes to match
    • Schedule fittings for 6 weeks and 1 – 2 weeks before the wedding
    • With this, select and order any of the following if you choose to get them: headpiece, veil, and gloves
    • Make sure to: confirm orders of and delivery dates for your wedding attire
  • Officiant
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  • Florist
    • With this, choose the flowers and centerpieces that you want
  •  Musicians (Whether this is a band, DJ, quartet, or all three!)
    • Start preparing a playlist of ceremony and reception musical selections
  •  Stationer
    • First, gather all addresses of guests
    • Then, order your Save-the-Dates
    • After STDs go out, order wedding invites, stationary, and thank you notes
    • Mail save-the-date notices for destination weddings only
  • Caterer (if there isn’t one in-house at your reception venue)
    • Meet with several caterers, arrange for tastings, and choose your favorite!
    • With this, choose what food will be served for appetizers, meals, and late night snackies 🙂
  • Bartenders
    • Choose liquor package you want at your reception
  • Transportation
    • Secure parking and/or transportation for your guests for the ceremony and reception location(s)
    • Research airline, hotel, and rental-car reservations for out of town guests

A few things to note –

1. You might be asking yourself “…what vendors could possibly be left after that exhaustive list?!” Your baker, that’s who! If you want a traditional wedding cake, you’ll choose your baker and place an order around 6 – 8 months out. And if you’re doing a nontraditional dessert (like donuts or cookies) you need even less time. 🙂

2. Don’t feel like you NEED all of the above vendors, especially if you have friends and family who are willing and able to help out! Check out Nikki and Trace’s dreamy barnyard wedding where they had friends and family help with flowers, calligraphy, food, transportation… the list goes on! But if you do in fact want some or all of the vendors listed above, make sure that you book them in this time frame.

3. When booking your vendors, make sure to coordinate your theme and style with them.

4. Lastly, the above list just gives the general first steps of what to do around this time with most vendors. When you book your vendors, they’ll give you alllll da info you need – which is great! Make sure to keep track of all forms of communication with your vendors, or have your wedding planner do so.


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Wedding Party –

  • If you haven’t already, ask your pick for Maid of Honor, Best Man, bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • Choose bridesmaid dresses and let your maids know if you’re ordering them, or if they need to order them and by what date
  • Decide and discuss duties with your Maid of Honor, Best Man, and the rest of your wedding party

Other –

  • Determine theme/decorations for your reception (again, this should be discussed with your vendors)
  • Create a wedding website – you can make one for free through WeddingWire
  • Register for gifts (put the links on the website you just created!)
  • Discuss the type of honeymoon you want, start reading up on potential destinations and consult a travel agent for ideas and suggestions
  • Choose attendant attire
  • If your ceremony or reception will be held in a park or recreational area, obtain necessary permits
  • If you want to reserve hotel room blocks for the wedding party and/or guests, now is the time to do it 
    • It’s ok that this is SO early, some guests like to know early AND guests usually have up to a month before the wedding to reserve a room
    • Have room blocks at at least two different hotels so that you’re conscious of guests’ budgets
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That’s it for now, Honeys! What questions do you have? Let me know in the comments below! You got this!